Why Should You Clean Your Water Tank Regularly?

Water is one of the things humans need, and it's impossible to live without it. You need water for your personal hygiene, cleaning chores and cooking, and you need to drink it. For this reason, it's crucial to ensure your home gets a constant supply of clean water at all times. Most households today use water tanks to store rainwater or groundwater. Over time, however, these tanks accumulate dirt and germs once the water settles, and if they aren't cleaned, you will use dirty water that could cause health problems. So, if you have a water tank on your property, it's essential to clean it regularly.

What benefits will you gain by keeping your water tank clean? Read on to know more.

Ensure the water doesn't become smelly

According to experts, standing water that's kept in an enclosed space, like a water tank, is one of the best places for bacteria growth. As the bacteria grow, they generate a wide range of by-products like gases and chemicals that produce bad smells. When you clean your tank, the bacteria will not get the opportunity to grow, so the water you store in the tank will not be smelly.

Minimise the growth and development of microorganisms

Stored water is a medium that's known to promote the existence of different forms of contaminants or germs more than the dirty water in lakes or rivers. If you don't clean your tank often, algae and other forms of microorganisms will develop in the interior lining of the tank, and sediment will also accumulate at the bottom. This changes the colour of water and its quality as well. Contaminated water also causes health conditions like cholera and other waterborne infections.

Most homeowners also avoid cleaning their tanks once they install a filtration system. While this system will undoubtedly eliminate water impurities and particles, your tank also needs to be cleaned. Even if you opt to buy distilled water for cooking and drinking, the unclean water can still enter your system when you use it to clean your utensils, wash your hands before eating or wash veggies and fruits. The only way to ensure you get quality water and avoid waterborne diseases is to keep the tank clean.

Prevent skin problems

Other than affecting you internally, contaminated water can have adverse effects on your skin when it's used for personal hygiene. For example, when you use the water to shower, you'll experience symptoms such as allergies or skin irritation. Your scalp can also develop some infections, leading to hair loss. All these issues can be avoided when you clean your water tank.

For more information, contact a supplier of water tanks.

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