3 Reasons to Use Powder-Coated Aluminium Balustrading

As you look at aluminium balustrades, you'll see that many products are pre-coated. These powder coats are added to the metal during the manufacturing process. They come with a range of useful extra benefits. What are they?

1. A More Durable Finish

Powder-coated aluminium is more durable than regular or painted alternatives. A powder coating protects the metal and gives it additional protection and strength. So, your metal balustrading will stay in good shape for longer.

For example, powder-coated balustrades are less likely to get chips, nicks or scratches on them. Even if you scrape something sharp against a baluster or bash into it with something, the metal shouldn't show any damage.

The powder coating itself is also very resilient. Unlike a painted coating which might start to flake or chip off over the years, a powder coating won't degrade or show signs of ageing. Your balustrading will stay looking good for a longer time.

2. Less Maintenance Work

Some metal balustrades need regular maintenance. You might need to clean off fingerprints and marks; you may have to buff up or polish some products when the metal starts to look dull or dirty.

Powder-coated aluminium hardly needs any work from you at all. The only maintenance job you need to do with these balustrades is to give them an occasional wipe-down to remove surface dirt and dust. Otherwise, they will stay looking good on their own.

Plus, you won't need to recover your balustrades in the future. If you have painted products, you might need to strip them down and repaint them once the paint starts to wear off or look shabby. You don't need to do this with powder-treated metals.

3. Better Design Options

You generally have more design choices if you buy powder-coated aluminium balustrades. Powder coating doesn't just come in metallic colours or black. You can also choose coloured options or use coatings to make the aluminium look like other metals, like brass.

As well as giving you more choice of designs, powder coating also ensures that your balustrades look sleek and well-made. Powder coatings go on completely evenly. Unlike paints which can clump up in some areas, these coatings give a smooth and professional finish even in intricate areas.

To find out more about powder-coated metal balustrading, talk to balustrade suppliers. They can talk you through your options and help you create and install perfect balustrades for your home.

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