Choosing The Best Full-Size Portable Soccer Goals For Your Youth Team

Getting a bunch of kids to kick a ball at each other once a week might sound simple enough, but anybody involved in running a youth soccer team knows just how complicated it can be, especially when you're not always guaranteed a proper pitch to play on. A pair of portable, full-size soccer goals are a useful tool for any youth soccer team, letting them set up a regulation-size pitch on any suitable grassy space available to them.

However, soccer goal manufacturers sell a wide variety of portable, full-size models, and some are definitely better than others. If you are looking for new portable soccer goals for your youth team, keep the following guidelines in mind to ensure you choose the right goals for your needs.

Choose your materials carefully

Professional soccer goals are made from tough and durable steel, but this is generally too heavy for portable goals, especially if they are full-size. Most full-size portable goals are made from aluminium, fibreglass or PVC plastic, and each material has its own pros and cons that you should be aware of.

PVC plastic soccer goals are generally cheaper than fibreglass or aluminium models, and they are also very lightweight, making them easy to disassemble and transport from game to game. They are perfect if you want to keep a set of spare goals around for emergencies. However, they are not especially durable, and they may be irreparably damaged by heavy collisions or accidents on the road.

Fibreglass soccer goals are more expensive, but they are also considerably more durable while retaining the lightweight qualities of PVC plastic. They generally represent a good middle ground between PVC and aluminium goals and are ideal for established youth teams with dedicated but limited budgets.

Aluminium soccer goals are the cream of the crop, and a properly maintained pair of aluminium soccer goals can be expected to last for decades. Although aluminium is heavier than PVC or fibreglass, aluminium soccer goals are still considerably lighter than steel models, and full-size aluminium soccer goals can be easily carried by hand. They are considerably more expensive than PVC or fibreglass models, but their longevity makes them an excellent long-term investment.

Consider investing in wheeled goals

Most portable soccer goals, even the full-size models, are designed to be light enough to be carried. However, you can make transporting your goals much easier by choosing goals with fixed or detachable wheels on their bases. These wheels make it much easier to transport your goals on foot over long distances, especially over paved surfaces. Wheeled goals are particularly useful for teams with disabled or very young children.

Synthetic nets are best

The net is one of the most vital parts of any soccer goal — unless you enjoy fetching your ball from the next field after every goal. To make sure the nets of your new goals stay in good shape for a long time, choose nets from synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester. These materials will not rot when kept in the dark, moist conditions of an average youth soccer team storage closet, making them ideal if you use your portable goals infrequently.

For more information, contact a soccer goal supplier.

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