What Are the Benefits of Installing a Pit Car Lift?

As your business has grown, you may have managed to fit new employees into your offices; however, your car park may be struggling to cope with the extra cars. You can't expand the car park and don't have space to build an overspill.

Adding car lifts with pits is one way to create more parking spaces into existing space. How do these lifts work and what are their benefits?

How Do Car Lifts With Pits Work?

These car lifts are installed over a ramped pit which goes lower down than your current parking level. The lift then has one or two more platforms above the pit that each hold a car. So, when the lift is fully used, you could have two or even three cars parked in the space that used to hold just one.

So, for example, the first driver drives into the pit to park. The next driver then closes the platform that they will park on so that it is on ground level. They drive on to the platform and park up.

If the first driver needs to leave the car park before the second one, they simply operate the lift to raise the platform. This opens up the pit space so they can get in their car.

You can set up single space lifts. Or, you can set up a lift that covers two or more adjacent parking spaces.

Why Install a Pit Car Lift?

Adding a pit and lift to a car parking space increases the number of cars you can park in that space. At the very least, you double its parking capacity. Adding a few lifts at key points in your car park could give you the extra capacity you need.

The real beauty of a pit-based system is driver control. These lifts are easy for drivers to operate themselves. It also gives each driver instant access to their vehicle.

Some other lifts that stack cars have to be unloaded in a certain order. So, if your car was on the top of a stack of three on a regular lift, then the other two cars would have to be off the lift before you can drive your vehicle out of the car park.

If you use a pit car lift, then this isn't a problem. Any driver can get a car off the lift at any time and from any position. Even if you're parked in the pit space and someone else's car is on the upper platform, you can raise the platform yourself to move the car up so you can get to your vehicle.

To find out more about pit lifts and whether this solution will work in your car park, contact car lift suppliers in your area.

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