Top 3 Challenges When Using Automatic Labelling Machines

An automatic labelling machine is a great part of your branding strategy. Information such as name, quality, quantity, and ingredients of the product are usually on the labels. An automatic labelling machine is a device that helps place stickers on your products. There are various kinds of automatic labelling machines for different needs. Though these devices offer efficiency, you might still face challenges when using them.  

Here are some common problems and solutions when using automatic labelling machines. 

Linear Tears

Sometimes the labels can tear and become unusable. When facing such a problem, check the machine's calibration. The ideal calibration for your device is per the instructions of the manufacturer. It could also be that the peel tip on the applicator needs repairs or replacement. Sometimes an ultra-high molecule weight tape can solve the problems. If there are tiny tears on the paper liner sides, the issue is from the labelling plant. An expert sales representative should know the differences. 

Failure of Clear Labels to Apply

Most automatic applicators have a sensor that senses the gap between labels. The equipment can sometimes fail to detect that gap. Recalibrating your device during such instances can help eliminate the problem. You can also have your label printer print a black eye mark on the liner's backside. If that does not work, an ultrasonic sensor may be the best solution. The ultrasonic sensor sends out sound waves that help measure the label gap. 

Failure of the Label to Stick

When the label fails to stick to the container, then the tension on your automatic labelling machine could be low. It could also be that you have poorly mounted the device. Such issues need a professional to examine your equipment. 

Another reason why the label may fail to stick is the dispensing of the adhesive. Get an expert to offer regular maintenance. The technicians will fasten any loose components and ensure that every part is working as it should. 

Also, confirm that the adhesive is not too aggressive. That may prevent it from releasing the linear when applying the labels. These are not serious challenges, and a technician can help handle them. Changing the vendor for your tags could also eliminate label-sticking issues. 


Most problems with the automatic labelling machines occur after using them for a long period. It is essential to get regular cleaning and dusting of your equipment. That removes any dirt particles that hinder the effective functioning of your device. Also, get an expert technician to check your machine anytime you face labelling problems.

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