Top Elements to Look For Before Buying Formatubes

Formatubes are specially designed cardboards used to pour concrete columns into the ground. Formatubes help to prevent the collapse of soil when digging. When you pour the concrete into the tube, it will take some time to set. You can then remove the cardboard after this and be left with a smooth concrete column. 

Formatubes offer an efficient and cost-effective way to build concrete structures. Therefore, if you are planning on building concrete columns, it is best to invest in a formatube. The article shows how you can get the formatubes for your project. 

The Interior Texture

It is vital to get a smooth texture inside the formatube. That is because the concrete you pour will get an indentation of the surface inside the cardboard tubes. Some formatubes tend to have spiral lines inside them. That is because manufacturers use a lot of cardboard sheets to make the formatubes. These spirals are a result of overlapping cardboard sheets used in the process. 

Avoid using such tubes if you wish to create smooth concrete columns. A smooth interior in the formatubes will allow you some freedom to come up with exceptional designs for your columns. 

The Size Specifications

The column size you want to construct will guide you on the ideal size to get. Formatubes come in various sizes. Size elements to consider are the height and diameter of the tube. 

It is vital to get the right measurements before beginning your search. That is because the bulkiness of these tubes makes it costly to return them. It is more expensive to use them then realise the mistake later. In such cases, you have to demolish the concrete structure and still get new formatubes. 

The Quality of the Tube

It is not easy to build concrete columns. Therefore, you do not want the stress of having to repeat the process. Examine the quality of the formatube you wish to buy. Ensure the cardboard tube is strong enough to hold the concrete. Check that the materials used in making the formatubes are of high quality.

Also, keep in mind that concrete is wet and heavy. So buy a tube that will not tear after soaking up the water. Ensure the tube allows the least water possible into the inner parts. 


Formatubes can increase your speed and efficiency when building concrete columns. However, it is crucial to get the perfect one for your project. Otherwise, you might face costly challenges along the way. Make sure you get your formatubes from a reliable supplier. That will guarantee you get one of high quality. 

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