Why Diamond Is Such A Popular Material In Cutting Tools

Diamonds might be one of the most expensive gems you can adorn jewellery with, but it is also a common material found in many cutting tools all across Australia. Diamond tools are renowned for being some of the best cutting tools on the market, and there are many reasons for that. If you are considering buying some diamond tools for your workshop but are not sure why they have the edge over the competition, then here are three pieces of evidence that should set your mind at ease. 


Diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man, which is why they were originally considered for use in tools in the first place. That means that when used in combination with other materials, diamond tools are exceptionally strong and can cut almost anything. However, although diamonds may be very hard, they are also extremely brittle and can break quite easily. That is why diamonds make up only a portion of the material in the tool, not the entire tool itself. Other materials are used to offset this weakness which is why the term 'diamond tools' can be a little misleading.

Corrosion Resistance

Cutting tools can be used in all sorts of different environments, and many of these are quite moist. Regular cutting tools can become affected by the damp and start to lose their strength due to corrosion. However, this corrosion has much less of an effect on diamond tools, which can withstand the cold and damp conditions of floor sawing, core drilling and wire sawing, as well as any other place where you might encounter moisture. If you are sick of replacing rusty blades and other tools, then swapping to diamond tools can reduce your wastage significantly. 

Thermal Resistance

Diamond tools have the highest resistance to heat and friction in the world because of the intrinsic qualities found in diamonds. They are fantastic heat conductors and have an extremely high melting point, which is almost never reached in non-laboratory conditions. That means that you can use your diamond tools for longer, in tougher circumstances, with fewer risks. If you are sick of replacing warped tools that can't withstand the Australian heat or the hard conditions you put them through, then it may be time to swap to diamond alternatives. Yes, they might cost a bit more to acquire, but they need to be replaced far less often, which adds up to a better overall deal. 

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