Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Steam Boiler

Boilers are very necessary when optimising the overall effectiveness of your industry. A steam boiler generates steam by boiling water until it reaches evaporation. Unlike the domestic or small-scale industries where you need steam in small quantities, industrial setups need huge volumes of steam that require a reliable boiler.

Steam generation is a delicate process because steam often generates a lot of pressure. It is, therefore, important to make sure that you procure and install superior-quality boilers for the safety and efficiency of the entire operation. Here are three crucial considerations to make when choosing a steam boiler.

Think About the Type and Design of the Boiler

The market has countless boiler types and designs. The designs can be categorised into either fire-tube or water-tube. Fire-tube boilers pass dry heat through tubes into a container with water. The dry heat acts on the cold water and boils it into a steam.

On the other hand, water tube boilers have a dry heat shell inside. You pass water through a tube, and it is heated by the shell inside. Both have their own applications. When choosing between the two, you have to consider factors, such as your budget, your steam needs, and the design that will optimise your operation.

Consider the Source of Heat

The second crucial consideration to make is where you will source the heat to fire the tubes. The three common sources are coal, biomass, and natural gas. Of the three sources, natural gas is the cleanest energy source. However, this does not mean you cannot use the other sources.

For instance, biomass will be more suitable in processing plants such as sugar factories because there is a lot of biomass to burn within the industry, which typically makes it the cheapest option in that situation.

Think About the Combustion Type and Machinery You Have Installed

A boiler that uses coal does not operate the same as the one that uses gas or biomass. If you already have a particular type of combustion technology in place, it would be great to choose the type of boiler that will work excellently with this technology.

Stokers, which are used to burn coal, usually distribute the coal using a moving grate. Fluidised technology uses a different path to distribute heat.

The crucial thing to remember is to make sure you consult with experts in the industry before making a purchase. Source your boilers from known and trusted suppliers as this will give you the best value for your money and maximum efficiency.

To learn more, contact an industrial steam boiler supplier.

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