Why Install Precast Concrete Staircases in Your Factory?

If you've decided to switch to using concrete staircases in your factory, then you need to decide how to build the stairs. While you can have the staircases poured and moulded on-site, you might find it easier to buy precast stairs. Here, the staircase company manufactures your order in their own facility before delivering it to you ready for installation. What are the advantages of taking a precast route?

Get a Less Disruptive Installation

If you're replacing old metal or wooden staircases with new concrete ones, then an on-site build can give you logistical headaches. For a start, you have to take down your current stairs. You won't necessarily have full, or any, access to your upper floors at this point. You might need to set up ladders or temporary stairs so that people can reach an upper floor. This might make things less safe for your workers. You then have to wait for the new staircases to be built. They take time to set and cure before you can use them. This isn't necessarily a quick solution. It can also be a messy one.

If you install precast stairs, then you speed up the process. You reduce downtime and access problems. You can still use your existing stairs until your order is manufactured and delivered. Once your new staircases are ready, you simply take down the old ones and install the concrete ones. Precast staircases are ready to use as soon as they are in place. So, you won't have to wait for the concrete to set or cure. The stairs are good to go immediately. You also minimise mess and disruption here. You don't need to have a full concreting crew on your factory floor with all their equipment. All you need are specialists to install the stairs.

Get a Cheaper Build

If you build concrete staircases on your site, then your costs might rise. You'll pay for longer labour costs — you'll typically have to have more people on-site to build the stairs for a longer time. You might have to pay to hire or buy temporary stairs until the build is done. If your workers can't easily access all areas, then you might have some downtime or extended working time costs.

If you use precast stairs, then your installation costs go down. You don't need as many people to install the stairs. This is also a quicker job. As well as reducing your labour costs, this also cuts downtime and its associated costs.

To find out more about the benefits of precast concrete stairs, contact staircase manufacturers.

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