3 Benefits of Using Garnet Sandblasting

The abrasive medium you use in a sandblasting process affects how the job goes and the quality of results you get. So, you want to put some thought into the medium you use.

Garnet is a popular and versatile medium that you should add to your shortlist. Why is garnet a good option for a sandblasting job?

1. Garnet Works Fast

Any sandblasting medium will clear a surface; however, some abrasives work more effectively than others. Some won't work on their first pass; you might need to sandblast areas more than once to get the results you want.

Garnet is a fast and effective abrasive. It is extremely hard and sharp. So, it makes light work of cleaning up a surface, whether you want to remove graffiti or clean up a vehicle that has some rust on it.

Some sharper abrasives cause some problems because they can embed in their surfaces. Your job might take longer if you have to remove stuck abrasives at the end of the process.

Garnet doesn't cause this problem. It typically has uniform edges. So, while the stones are sharp, they won't stick to their work surfaces. You get a clean and quick sandblast.

2. Garnet Is Cost-Effective

Some sandblasting jobs need to use a lot of abrasive medium to get the right results. These materials aren't always reusable, especially if they are softer than the norm.  

Garnet is a more efficient medium. It is so sharp that you can often use less of it on a job. It is also reusable. This recyclability increases its working life which could, in turn, reduce your sandblasting costs.

3. Garnet Is Better For the Environment

Some sandblasting abrasives aren't good for the environment. For example, some silicates are harmful.  They release a lot of dust and particulates, which can add to airborne emission loads. Some should also be kept out of water sources and systems.

Plus, while your sandblasting company will protect their workers when they need to, you should think about your own workers who might be in the area. You don't want to expose them to sandblasting residues that could cause problems.

Garnet is an environmentally-friendly abrasive. It doesn't contain any dangerous silicates and it doesn't create a lot of dust. Any dust it does create is harmless because it is chemically inert.  

To find out more about the benefits of using garnet as an abrasive medium, contact sandblasting companies.

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