Protect Your Pipes: Why Your Industrial Pipes Need Insulation

If you haven't insulated your industrial pipes yet, you could be setting yourself up for problems down the road. Insulating your pipes is one of the best things you can to prevent problems from occurring. Unfortunately, you might not realise how important pipe insulation is to your industrial business. If you're not sure that you need to have your pipes insulated, read the information described below. You'll find four of the many reasons to invest in pipe insulation as soon as possible. 

Helps to Maintain Safe Temperatures

If you have water flowing through your copper pipes, it's important that you control the internal temperatures. This is especially true where colder temperatures are concerned. When the water inside your copper pipes reaches the freezing point, the water expands. Rapid expansion of the pipe can lead to ruptures, which can be catastrophic. In fact, ruptured copper pipes can require costly repairs before you can get operations up and running again. Before you're faced with ruptured copper pipes this winter, take the time to have insulation installed. Insulation works to control the temperatures inside your copper pipes, which reduces the chances of ruptured pipes. 

Helps To Prevent Pipe Corrosion

When it comes to industrial pipes, condensation can be a real threat. Unfortunately, condensation can be difficult to control, especially during periods of high humidity. Once condensation forms on the outside of industrial pipes, corrosion can set in. This is especially true when the pipes aren't insulated. One way to prevent corrosion is to ensure that your industrial pipes are properly insulated. Insulation helps to lock moisture out, which reduces the risk for condensation and corrosion. 

Helps to Ensure Crew Safety

If your industrial pipes carry any type of hot substance, you need to take steps to protect your employees. This is especially important if your employees are within close proximity to the pipes. You might not realise this, but the external temperatures of the pipes could put your employees at risk for serious burns. The best way to prevent on-the-job burn injuries is to insulate your industrial pipes. Insulation helps to ensure that your industrial pipes remain cool to the touch at all times. 

Helps to Control Sounds

If your industrial pipes tend to get noisy, it's time for some insulation. One of the benefits of pipe insulation is that it creates a sound barrier, which means you won't need to listen to all the noises that radiate from the pipes.

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